Shecky at the console

When it comes to songwriting in today’s music industry, there are so many options and it can be overwhelming. John “Shecky” Mills has been a professional audio engineer for over 15 years. Starting out with pure analog recording techniques and 2″ tape machines. Back in a time when Digital recording didn’t even exist yet. But Shecky has evolved with the industry. Adapting to the current industry standards with Pro Tools HD, Cubase, Sonar, Logic and a multitude of other DAW systems utilized in today’s professional recording studios.

What sets Shecky productions apart from the rest is the personal connection with clients and recording artists. Shecky is an accomplished musician, songwriter and touring artist as well. It is this real world experience that gives the client a sense of ease and confidence while working in a normally stressful and disconnected environment within the studio.


Shecky Productions brings all of the tools needed to accomplish the vision of any project. The facilities at Azmyth Recording Studios are amazing. A staff of experienced engineers, producers, songwriters and session musicians provide the means to bring the project to life in a timely manner. With all these tools, you can expect the highest quality product in Shecky’s music.