Real world experience, with real world resultsShecky Productions

Shecky Productions is on a mission in this complex world of music. The mission is to utilize the knowledge and experience gained throughout years of networking, education, and basic hard work.

A network of professionals are ready to help aspiring artists from all walks of life. Beginners and professionals alike will have the opportunity to work with experienced people who care and “get it”.

Some of the services offered are as follows:

  • Recording, Engineering and Producing solo artists and bands
  • Live audio and lighting utilizing current standard equipment
  • Backing track and royalty-free music beds / beats
  • Website design with full integration of social media and more

    Let us help you book the next gig

    Let us help you book the next gig

  • Need a great bass player? Shecky would love to help
  • Booking Agent with Anastasia Frost Enterprises